Optional: Register with an Identity Provider

By default, there is no public link between your Matrix account and any identifying information such as your email address. However, you may wish people to be able to find your Matrix ID by looking up your email address or phone number. We also have plans to add additional functionality to our bots if they are able to look up contributors by email addresses. If you wish to make your account discoverable in this way, you may perform the following steps to list your account in one of the public third-party identifier services. Note that these services are designed to only return results for someone who already knows your email address or phone number; they take care to ensure that it is not possible (or nearly so) to “scrape” their data sets to obtain lists of users.

To get started, open the User Menu and click All settings. Under the General section, find Email addresses. If you followed the instructions above, you should already have an email address listed here. If you don’t, enter your address, click Add, and follow the instructions to verify your address. The dialog should look like this when complete:


To make your account discoverable by email, scroll down to the Discovery section.


Read the privacy notice and click the checkbox next to Accept. That will enable the Continue button; click that to proceed.


The Discovery section will be replaced with the email address you registered above.


Click the Share button next to the address. The system will send an email to you, and meanwhile the dialog will show this:


You will receive an email like this:


Follow the link in the email to verify it really is you making the request.


Then return to the settings page and click the Complete button.


Once everything is finished, the complete button should change to read Revoke.


If you see that, you’re all done. If you change your mind and don’t want your account to be discoverable via email, you can click the Revoke button at any time.