Make Zuul Work for your Team

There are many ways to put Zuul to work for your team! From a commercially managed CI/CD solution to hosting and deploying on your own infrastructure.

Quick Start Installation

Ready to get started? Follow this tutorial to walk through a basic gating configuration setup.


Acme Gating

Acme Gating offers Zuul support and custom development to help you get Zuul up and running within your organization and fully realize the benefits of project gating.

Managed CI/CD


VEXXHOST's Managed Zuul offering gives organizations a continuous integration tool to prevent them from merging broken code. With VEXXHOST, you not only get a managed service but also the additional assistance to maintain it whenever needed.

OpenDev Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) Hosting


OpenDev integrates powerful continuous integration features, made possible by the donation of compute resources from our infrastructure partners. Do you have an open source project you'd like to host? OpenDev hosting for FLOSS project development might be right for you.