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Zuul has mailing lists for announcements and discussions.

If you run Zuul, join the zuul-announce list to receive announcements from the Zuul team about releases and upcoming changes.

Join the zuul-discuss list to ask questions about using Zuul or contributing to its development. All potential and existing developers, users, and operators of Zuul are welcome.

Chat with Matrix


Developers and users are in the Matrix room 24 hours a day. But sometimes we leave our desks, so if you ask a question there, be patient.

Report Bugs

Zuul uses OpenStack's Storyboard service to track bugs.

Visit Storyboard to search for or report Zuul bugs. Select the project "zuul/zuul".

Propose or Review Changes

Zuul uses OpenDev's Gerrit service for code review.

Visit Gerrit to help review proposed changes to Zuul.

View or clone the source code from

To propose a change, create an account in Gerrit, then use the git-review tool to submit patches.

Infrastructure Donors



Supporting Companies

Acme Gating
Ampere Computing
Cloudbase Solutions
Red Hat

If you are using Zuul and would like to be recognized as a Zuul supporter, please connect with us.


Code of conduct

The Zuul Community follows the Open Infrastructure Foundation Community Code of Conduct.