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Zuul has mailing lists for announcements and discussions.

If you run Zuul, join the zuul-announce list to receive announcements from the Zuul team about releases and upcoming changes.

Join the zuul-discuss list to ask questions about using Zuul or contributing to its development. All potential and existing developers, users, and operators of Zuul are welcome.

Chat on IRC

Join #zuul on OFTC

Developers and users are in the #zuul channel on OFTC 24 hours a day. But sometimes we leave our desks, so if you ask a question there, be patient.

Report Bugs

Zuul uses OpenStack's Storyboard service to track bugs.

Visit Storyboard to search for or report Zuul bugs. Select the project "zuul/zuul".

Propose or Review Changes

Zuul uses OpenDev's Gerrit service for code review.

Visit Gerrit to help review proposed changes to Zuul.

View or clone the source code from

To propose a change, create an account in Gerrit, then use the git-review tool to submit patches.

Infrastructure Donors



Supporting Companies

City Network
Red Hat
Ampere Computing
Cloudbase Solutions

If you are using Zuul and would like to be recognized as a Zuul supporter, please connect with us.


Code of conduct

The Zuul Community follows the Open Infrastructure Foundation Code of Conduct.