AFS Roles


Destroy any active AFS / Kerberos tokens


Copy contents from {{ zuul.executor.work_root }}/artifacts/ to AFS

This is intented for documentation publishing, it deletes files that do not exist in the content from the source.

Before the job rsyncs the build into its final location, it must first create a list of directories that should not be deleted. This way if an entire directory is removed from a document, it will still be removed from the website, but directories which are themselves roots of other documents (for example, the stein branch) are not removed. A marker file, called .root-marker, at the root of each such directory will accomplish this; therefore each build job should also ensure that it leaves such a marker file at the root of its build. The job will find each of those in the destination hierarchy and add their containing directories to a list of directories to exclude from rsyncing.

Role Variables


Path to local source directory.


Target path in AFS (should begin with ‘/afs/…’).


Copy contents of a directory hierarchy to AFS

This role uses the synchronzie module to copy directory contents to a remote AFS locations. It ensures the synchronize flags, particularly relating to group and world permissions, are appropriate for copying to AFS locations.

See also upload-afs-roots which is a similar role giving more fine-grained control over which directories are synchronized.

Role Variables

:default: ``{{ zuul.executor.work_root }}/artifacts/``

Path to local source directory.


Target path in AFS (should begin with ‘/afs/…’).

Default: True

If set to false, this will specify –delete-after to remove files on the remote side that do not exist on the copying side. When set to true will act as a regular additive copy process and will not remove any remote files.


Create kerberos / afs tokens

Role Variables


Complex argument which contains the information about authentication information. It is expected this argument comes from a Secret.


Base64 encoded contents of a keytab file. We’ll base64 decode before writing it to disk as a temporary file.


The service name to use for kinit command.


Run vos release on an AFS volume

Assumes a valid token has already been acquired via aklog.

Role Variables


String containing the name of the volume to release.