Triggers must inherit from BaseTrigger and, at a minimum, implement the getEventFilters() method.

class zuul.trigger.BaseTrigger(driver, connection, config=None)

Base class for triggers.

Defines the exact public methods that must be supplied.


Return a list of EventFilter’s for the scheduler to match against.

onChangeEnqueued(change, pipeline)

Called when a change has been enqueued.

onChangeMerged(change, source)

Called when a change has been merged.


Called after config is loaded.

Current list of triggers are:

class zuul.driver.gerrit.gerrittrigger.GerritTrigger(driver, connection, config=None)
class zuul.driver.timer.timertrigger.TimerTrigger(driver, connection, config=None)
class zuul.driver.zuul.zuultrigger.ZuulTrigger(connection, config=None)