This driver can be used to load Zuul configuration from public Git repositories, for instance from openstack-infra/zuul-jobs that is suitable for use by any Zuul system. It can also be used to trigger jobs from ref-updated events in a pipeline.

Connection Configuration

The supported options in zuul.conf connections are:

<git connection>
<git connection>.driver (required)

The connection must set driver=git for Git connections.

<git connection>.baseurl

Path to the base Git URL. Git repos name will be appended to it.

<git connection>.poll_delay
Default: 7200

The delay in seconds of the Git repositories polling loop.

Trigger Configuration

pipeline.trigger.<git source>

The dictionary passed to the Git pipeline trigger attribute supports the following attributes:

pipeline.trigger.<git source>.event (required)

Only ref-updated is supported.

pipeline.trigger.<git source>.ref

On ref-updated events, a ref such as refs/heads/master or ^refs/tags/.*$. This field is treated as a regular expression, and multiple refs may be listed.

pipeline.trigger.<git source>.ignore-deletes
Default: true

When a ref is deleted, a ref-updated event is emitted with a newrev of all zeros specified. The ignore-deletes field is a boolean value that describes whether or not these newrevs trigger ref-updated events.