Release Notes


New Features

  • Add freeze-job subcommand to display information about jobs as they would be run in a project’s pipeline.

  • Support for freezing and displaying the job graph has been added via the zuul-client job-graph subcommand.

  • Zuul-client is now compatible with the data format used by Zuul version 10, as well as older versions.


New Features

  • Add the build-info subcommand, allowing a user to fetch the details of a given build by its UUID.

  • Add the builds subcommand to zuul-client, allowing users to search through builds using filters.

  • Add a “tenant” field in the configuration file, so that a user doesn’t have to specify this argument in the CLI when using a predefined configuration.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in the encrypt subcommand that prevented large secrets from being encoded properly.


New Features

  • Add the encrypt subcommand to zuul-client, allowing users to encrypt files or text to be used with a job for a specific project.


New Features

  • Repository initialization. The code is imported from zuul.