Static Driver

Selecting the static driver adds the following options to the providers section of the configuration.

Type: list

The static provider driver is used to define static nodes.


For documentation purposes the option names are prefixed providers.[static] to disambiguate from other drivers, but [static] is not required in the configuration (e.g. below providers.[static].pools refers to the pools key in the providers section when the static driver is selected).


  - name: static-rack
    driver: static
      - name: main
          - name:
            labels: trusty-static
            timeout: 13
            connection-port: 22022
            host-key: fake-key
            username: zuul
            max-parallel-jobs: 1
Type: list

A pool defines a group of statically declared nodes.


When providing different labels, it is better to have one pool per label to avoid requests being queued when one label is at capacity.

Each entry is a dictionary with entries as follows

providers.[static] (required)
Type: str

Pool name

Type: dict

A dictionary of key-value pairs that will be stored with the node data in ZooKeeper. The keys and values can be any arbitrary string.

providers.[static].pools.nodes (required)
Type: list

Each entry indicates a static node and it’s attributes.

providers.[static] (required)
Type: str

The hostname or ip address of the static node. The combination of name, providers.[static].pools.nodes.username, and providers.[static].pools.nodes.connection-port must be unique across all nodes defined within the configuration file.

providers.[static].pools.nodes.labels (required)
Type: list

The list of labels associated with the node.

Default: True
Type: bool

Specify custom behavior of validation of host connection. When set to False, nodepool-launcher will not scan the nodes before they are registered. This might be needed if nodepool-launcher and the static nodes are on isolated networks. The default value is True.

Default: 5
Type: int

The timeout in second before the ssh ping is considered failed.

Default: ssh
Type: string

The connection type that a consumer should use when connecting to the node.

Default: 22 / 5986
Type: int

The port that a consumer should use when connecting to the node. For most nodes this is not necessary. This defaults to 22 when connection-type is ‘ssh’ and 5986 when it is ‘winrm’.

Type: str

The ssh host key of the node.

Default: zuul
Type: str

The username nodepool will use to validate it can connect to the node.

Default: /usr/bin/python2
Type: str

The path of the default python interpreter. Used by Zuul to set ansible_python_interpreter. The special value auto will direct Zuul to use inbuilt Ansible logic to select the interpreter on Ansible >=2.8, and default to /usr/bin/python2 for earlier versions.

Default: sh
Type: str

The shell type of the node’s default shell executable. Used by Zuul to set ansible_shell_type. This setting should only be used

  • For a windows node with the experimental connection-type ssh, in which case cmd or powershell should be set and reflect the node’s DefaultShell configuration.

  • If the default shell is not Bourne compatible (sh), but instead e.g. csh or fish, and the user is aware that there is a long-standing issue with ansible_shell_type in combination with become

Default: 1
Type: int

The number of jobs that can run in parallel on this node.